10 gadgets that you probably like as an Office 365 Consultant

Teaming up with my dear colleage MVP Andi Krueger is always a good idea. After our blog post about 10 signs you know that you are an Office 365 Consultant, we now focused on some tools. This blogpost was originally published in Sway.

lots of old mobile devices

1. You love your Noise-Canceling- Headphones

“Do you remember your first travel with your Noise-Canceling-Headphones? Yes, of course I do. This was a long time ago and a close to life changing experience!” Noise-Canceling- Headphones, let’s call them NCH like a designer drug. They kind of make any traveler addicted to. Once you enable them, you can lean back an start enjoying a world without the environmental noise of planes, trains, buses and colleagues.

Bose No Noise Headphones

2. You have at least one USB-C to HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, DVI adapter

There is nothing worse than having trouble to connect to the A/V at a customer meeting!


3. The pen of your Surface Device doubles as a presenter

In case you missed it: You can use your Surface (nearly every Bluetooth) pen as a presenter for your PowerPoints.

For Windows 10: Open: Settings > Bluetooth and make sure your pen is listed and connected. Switch over to Pen and Windows Ink and make sure the box “Allow applications to override settings” is checked.

Surface Pen on a Surface device

4. Your powerbank can act as a car battery

Having trouble starting your car, let’s try the powerbank for your mobile phone. The technical specs are very close. Your powerbank allows quick-charging with 2Ah and has a capacity of at least 20,000mAh — Impressive.

For those who are wondering: A car batteries capacity starts at 160Ah


5. You carry several cables to charge your mobile phone(s)

With the omnipresence of mobile devices with giant screens, the need to charge those devices is tremendously high. You start to carry several adapter cables around: USB to Lightning, USB to USB mini to USB-C.

charging cables for phones

6. You carry a backup headset around

Remember Oprah: “You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!” ? There is no such a thing like having a broke headset. You carry a backup.

Headset Plantronics

7. When working in Homeoffice a Busylight is on your table to indicate your status to your family

Very crucial for all the home office warriors who try to balance work and life. Unfortunately, these Busylights can be very interesting for toddlers 🙂

Kuando Busylight

8. You have a stupid button on your desk

When the button is pressed, the party starts 😉

Button “easy”

9. You own an amazing amount of spare material like special AAAA batteries or pen tips

There it is again, the persistent fear of running out of battery life or any other special supply you ordered via amazon and have a recurring delivery in place.

2 Batteries

10. You search (and find) several items like keys with a bluetooth tracker

You think about tracking your 16 year old daughter with them, too. 🙂

Keys with Keychain and TILE tracker

So whats your score? Or did we miss anything?

Please let us know if you liked that blogpost by comment or just clap 🙂


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