3 things you should try out in Office 365 to be more creative

When it comes to creativity, I hear lots of people saying: “You know, I’m not that creative person” and would like to show you some ways to prove you wrong. If you create something, you are creative 🙂 Let’s start 🙂


I can’t tell you enough, how much I love this tool and how engaging it is to read and interact with a sway than with an email, a text-based PowerPoint presentation or a static website. Use sway for your next newsletter, for showcasing your solution to your customer or just for your next presentation.

What I like the most about Sway:

  1. It lets me focus on my content without forcing me to make any design or layout decision while in my process of creation. When I’m done with content I either hit the REMIX! button on the DESIGN tab or I spend only a few clicks to customize my design so it fits my CI.
  2. Bing Search suggests images and videos which relate to my content — no more drama on searching for the right pictures!
  3. It’s interactive! By embedding maps, tweets etc. you open the dialogue by letting others contribute!
  4. It’s responsive and looks good on any device.

Start here: http://sway.office.com


If you aren’t OneNote addicted by now, you should absolutely try out this gem! I use the OneNote for Windows 10 app on my Surface Pro and organize my thoughts and sketchnotes in it. What I like the most about it:

  1. I can write in my own handwriting in it and this handwriting is not only searchable, but I can use ink to text capability to make it text. This ensures both better memory and comprehension and accessibility for me and others I share my notebook with.
  2. My handwritten notes are re-playable. So whenever I want to show my visual thoughts again, I just replay them 🙂 Great feature for education but also if working remotely.
  3. I love to change the color of my background. So if you love black mode in other apps, just try it 🙂
  4. Creating quick tables by just pressing the TAB key on your keyboard!

Microsoft Whiteboard!

Personally, I was blown away when I realized, which great capabilities Microsoft put in this awesome product! Create, ideate, discuss, collaborate visually as if you were in one room, even if you are miles away or on the go. Please read also this blogpost on which my dear friend Darrell Webster and I collaborated on.

Bonus: Learn to love your keyboard!

  1. Win+ Shift + s makes a screenshot (it’s now in your clipboard…) powered by Send to OneNote tool
  2. Switch between tabs in your browser with CTRL + 1, 2, 3 etc.
  3. Switch between Inbox and Calendar in Outlook with Ctrl 1 and Ctrl 2


Luise is an independent Microsoft 365 Consultant, Low Code Developer, Microsoft MVP for Office, Apps & Services, Member of PnP team, Sketchnotes Artist and Lego Addict based in Germany. Do you need help with your project, want to exchange views or just connect? Feel free to follow me in twitter, LinkedIn or get in touch via contact form.

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